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Third International Workshop on Food Supply Chain (WFSC 2014)

Making Food Supply Chains Efficient, Responsive and Sustainable

San Francisco, CA, November 4 - 7, 2014

The Third International Workshop on Food Supply Chain (WFSC 2014) is November 4 - 7 in San Francisco, California.

The first workshop was in Bertinoro, Italy, in June 2011, and the second in Viña del Mar, Chile, in March 2013.


Traditionally supply chain management has focused on improving responsiveness to consumers while keeping supply chain costs in line. Growing mainstream interest in sustainability has now forced many food suppliers to consider social or environmental impacts. How to provide an ever more diverse array of high‐quality and safe consumables while balancing the aforementioned often conflicting needs? In this meeting participants will present research that will aid in tackling these challenges.

Scientific committee

Riccardo Manzini, Bologna University (Italy); John Bartholdi, Georgia Tech (USA); Susan Cholette, San Francisco State University (USA); Alejandro MacCawley and Sergio Maturana, PUC (Chile); Leorey Marquez, CSIRO, Australia; Raymundo Forradellas, UNCuyo (Argentina), Rene Villalobos, ASU (USA). Renzo Akkerman (TUM)


  • November 4: Registration and Paper Presentations, San Francisco
  • November 5: Paper Presentations and Wine Supply Chain Council Meeting, San Francisco
  • November 6: Visits to Wineries and Food Suppliers
  • November 7: Visits to Wineries and Food Suppliers

View links to presentations, abstracts, papers, and photos.

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